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Mandys Famous Pickles® Outside Catering

From an extensive previous career in outside catering, Mandy has recently redeveloped her entire in-house team in order to continue to expand the ever increasing demand for the outside catering arm of her business.

Recognising that there is a lack of affordable outside catering options for smaller parties and functions, Mandys Famous Pickles® are now pleased to work with a highly skilled team to bring these options to your occasion!

From a small childrens party right up to gatherings of 500 people we feel we can help.

Caterers for any events from wakes to weddings and everything in between. We can even serve your teas for you. You don’t have to lift a finger.

As this section of our business has grown and grown and we cater for more and more of these, Mandys Famous Pickles® are now welcoming enquiries from others who may like to explore an alternative, affordable and unique approach to their catering.

Perhaps a children’s picnic birthday, an afternoon tea wedding breakfast, or a luxury buffet for a corporate occasion, we are here to assist you in your catering requirements.

We now cater for every event possible with catering capacity for up to 500 people.
So if you are holding a larger event we would love to be able to see how we can help.

Mandys Famous Pickles® Buffet Geldeston
Mandys Famous Pickles® Buffet-Wakes-Outside Catering
Mandys Famous Pickles® Buffet-Wakes-Outside Catering

We Are 5* Hygiene Rated

We are very proud of the 5* Hygiene Rating awarded to Mandys Famous Pickles® by the Food Standard Agency

This rating means that our hygiene standards were checked by the food standards agency and reflects the excellent standards we maintain on our premises.

5* Food Hygiene